2012 Annual Rosettes

47 CRFCRC dogs were awarded rosettes for titles earned in the year 2012!

** 7 titles **
Pennfield’s Philadelphia Fanatic CDX RN OA OAJ TDI FDCh plus (CD NA NAJ) Karen Wiley
** 5 titles **
Am/Can Ch Rowansgaard Airborne En Bateau CD JH OA AXJ WC BOSS HOF plus (NA NAJ OAJ) Beth Garland
Shasta’s Roadrunner CD RN OA NAJ TDI plus (NA) Karen Wiley
Victory’s Got Game CD JH AX AXJ NF WC plus (OA) Diane Orth
** 4 titles **
U-CDX Gamekeeper’s Express Delivery UDX2 OM2 RE WC plus (OM UDX) Ann Gudeczauskas
Ch Streett’s End Denali at Wheatmoor UD GN RA JH CGC plus (RN) Kay Livermore & Deb Brady
Victory’s Follow the Leader CDX RN AX AXJ XF JH WCX VFCR2 Neal & Helenmary Cody
** 3 titles **
Allegro Rock Me on the Water JH WC WCX Mark & Linda Reynolds
MACH Merganser’s Sirius Black UD RE GO TD JH AXP AJP MXF WCX FMX CGC SDD HOF Karen Wiley
Ch MACH Shalyn’s Wildood Flower CDX RA JH AXP MJP NF WC CGC HOF plus (AJP) Anne Fisher
Ch Victory’s Gone Sailing RN JH WCX Judy Gladson and Jim Beliveau
** 2 titles **
Alidar Demons Begone CD BN RN CGC Bob & Ruth Bennett
Darkwater All That Glitters WC CGC Penny Woodward
Ch Four Corners Bow and Arrow JH WC Judy Terchek and Dawn Buttion
Ch Miss Mallorys Favourite Disguise WC Tracey Fudge and Judy Gladson
Ch Pennfield’s K2 UD RE JH MX MXJ OF WC FM HOF Karen Wiley
Ch Shalyn’s Belle Bottom Blues RN Sherri Lilley-Peck
Ch Shalyn’s Not Just a Pretty Face CDX RE JH OA OAJ NAP NJP WC CGC Sherri P Lilley- Peck
U-CH Shalyn’s Silky Soul Singer RN CGC Brenda Boesel
Ch Shasta Heaven Sent to Westwind JH WC CGC William & Monica Stephens
GCh Valhala’s Tiny Dancer plus (Ch) Kurt Anderson and Marla Doheny
GCh Victory Deep Blue Sea BN RN JH WC Judy Gladson
Victory the Hills Are Alive JH WC John and Sandy Bulger
Wildwood’s Long Night Moon CD RN JH AX MXJ WC CGC Anne Fisher
** 1 titles **
Ch Athercroft Hell or Highwatermelon Ruth Marsh/Dee Turkelson
Ch Banquo All the Bells and Whistles JH WC CGC Sandra and Bob Howley
Ch Blazin’s Isle of Avalon CD RA JH WC CGC TDI Shari Faina and Jim Kurdziel
Blazin’s Just Drive WC Scott & Tina Borden & Dawn Buttion & Bryce Archambeault
GCh Blazin’s Krazy Glue Dawn Buttion & Marty Archambeault & Bryce
Casblaidd Over the Line JH WC Tracey Fudge
Deep Run Joyful Tail of Victory CGC Phyllis Giroux, Judy Gladson & Helenmary Cody
Explicit She’s The One JH WCX Can WC Cary & Janet Ciarico
Ch Flashback’s Poetry in Motion Susan Driscoll
Ch Flashback’s Sweet Talkin’ Guy CD RE JH NAJ WC CGC Melody Daniels
GCh Flip of the Black Nature Richard Streett & Deb Brady
Magic Surf’s Up at Westwind RN JH WC CGC William & Monica Stephens & Thomas Stephens & Claudia Henning
Ch Quillquest’s Leading Lady CD RE JH AX AXJ NF AXP NJP WCX CGC VFCR1 Penny Woodward
Ch Salasana Silver Arrow JH WC CGC Judy Terchek
Ch Shalyn’s Night For a Moondance CD RE CGC Sherri P Lilley- Peck
Ch Shalyn’s Ribbons and Blues Sherri Lilley-Peck
Ch Swallowsflight Freya-Gaia JH WC Judy Gladson
Ch Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas RN SH WCX Judy Gladson
Victory I’m Steering for Westwind CGC William & Monica Stephens
Victory It’s Outta Here CGC John & Sandy Bulger
Victory’s Clear Sailing CDX RE MH OA NAJ NF WCX HOF Judy Gladson
Winco’s Kaya 4 Christmas CD RA BN CGC TDI Brenda Boesel
Ch Windy Hill Apollo God of Light Donna & Jack Palmer