2018 Annual Rosettes

39 CRFCRC dogs were awarded rosettes for 106 titles earned in the year 2018!

** 8 titles **
GCH Blazin's Off Road Drive'N BN RI OA OAJ NF plus (RN NA NAJ) - "Piston" Dawn M Buttion, Martin J Archambeault, Bryce Archambeault & Colin Archambeault
** 7 titles **
GCH Swallowsflight Ice Cool Cyclone JH CA DS DJ WC CGC - "Ice" Kathy Poole-Price & John Price
Victory's M CD RE JH SHU CGCA TKA WC plus (TKN TKI RA) - "Emma" Steve & Betsy Surprenant
** 5 titles **
CH Dare You To Stroke A Cheque RN DJ CGC TKN - "Sadie" Amanda & Jeffrey Bishop
Victory Nutty Porter BN RI SWN SIA RATN RATI CGC TKN CGC NW1 NW2 L1E plus (RN) - "Porter" Helena Dahlen
GCHS Victory's Just What the Doctor Ordered CD BN RE JH NA OAP NJP DM WCX CGC plus (DS) - "Doc" Kathy Poole-Price & John Price
** 4 titles **
CH Blazin's Night Cap CD BN RA OA AXJ NF CL1 CL2-R CL2-H CL2-F plus (RI) - "Swizzle" Dawn Buttion, Martin Archambeault & Bryce Archambeault
Shasta Red Medicine Woman AX AXJ MXP MJP NFP JH WC CGC DJ plus (AJP) - "Shaman" William & Penny Woodward
Thornhill Risky Bisness CDX JH SHU NA NAJ TKA WCX plus (TKI TKN) - "Risky" Dale Soper
** 3 titles **
GCH Blacmoor Licensed to Kill BN RN RA JH NA NAJ CGC WC - "Lizzie" Kathy Poole-Price & John Price
CH Darkwater All That Glitters BN RA MX MXJ OF SH WCX CGC HOF - "Neon" Penny Woodward
Fleetwing's Midnight Moonlight BN GN CDX JH RAE DJ DS ASA WC CGCU - "Rock it" Brenda L Boesel
Quillquest Yin Yang and Darkwater RN JH CGC DJ RATN - "Calder" Penny Woodward
GCH Shalyn's Belle Bottom Blues CD RE BN OA OAJ NJP JH WC CGC VFCR1 - "Belle" Sherri Lilley-Peck
U-CH CH Shalyn’s Sweet Virginia Breeze BN RN CGC - "Breeze" Sherri Lilley-Peck
GCh Victory On The Wing ACT2 CGC plus (ACT1) - "Flyer" Neal & Helenmary Cody and Judy Gladson
Victory's Ketch'n A Storm UD JH WC plus (CDX) - "Stormy" Diane Orth
** 2 titles **
GCH Blazin's License To Drive CDX PCDX BN GN RAE MX MXJ OF CL3-R CL3-H CL3-F - "Juvi" Dawn Buttion, Martin Archambeault & Bryce Archambeault
MACH CH Blazin's Life Is Good CD JH MXS MXJ OF T2B2 WCX CGC - "Benny" Scott & Tina Borden
CH Coastalight Crown Jewel JH WCX - "Ruby" Linda and Mark Reynolds
Covellyn's Dublin Driver by Wfs JH WC - "Finn" Tracey Fudge
Indulgent Spirit of the Dance NA NF - "Spirit" Jeff & Viv Koontz
U-CH GCH CH Shalyn's Silky Soul Singer CD BN GN JH WC RAE NA NAJ NAP NJP DJ DS CGCU VFCR1 - "Maze" Brenda Boesel
Ch Streett's End Caught in the Act CD BN GN RN CGC - "Catcher" Richard Streett & Deb Brady
** 1 title **
Alidar I'll Have Another JH WC - "Derby" Bob & Ruth Bennett
Aquarius Black Brianta WC - "Rio" Tracey Fudge
CH Blacmoor I Get Around WC CGC - "Piper" Kelly & John Hanlon
Ch Blazin's No Sugar Added AX AXJ JH WC - "Slurpee" Anne Fisher & PB Higgins
Blazin's Pay It Forward CGC - "Pivot" Scott & Christina Borden
GCH Dare's Smarter Than A 5th Grader DN CGC - "Foxy" Anya Dornak, Ashley Dornak & Kim Yates
Eagletarn Mistral Wind BN RI TKN CGC - "Thrill" Marla Stoner
GCH Flatcastle's Blissful Blue Ocean CD BN RA MH WCX - "Dylan" Chris LeBel & Judy Gladson
GCh Flatterhaft Empires Never Last UD PCDX BN GN GO RAE JH WC CGC - "Rider" Richard Streett & Deb Brady
GCH Indulgent Stellar Spirit CD BN RA NA NJP NF - "Stella" Viv & Jeff Koontz
Quillquest An Airtight Alibi CGC - "Talon" Anya Dornak, Kim Yates & Gillian Impey
GCH Shasta Heaven Sent to Westwind SH RN WC CGC - "Treasure" William & Monica Stephens
Victory McHenry’s Star-Spangled Banner RATI WC - "Banner" Greg & Janet Boss
Victory's Outlaw Josey Wails JH WC - "Josey" Chris LeBel
MACH Wildwood's Long Night Moon CD RA JH MXB MJG WC CGC HOF - "Jamie" Anne Fisher
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