Flat-Coat Rescue

The CRFCRC Rescue Chair and FCRSA National Rescue Co-Chair, are one and the same!

Please contact Janet Boss at Janet.boss.rescue@gmail.com for all rescue-related queries.

We are a breed-specific rescue, and can only take dogs that are bonafide FCRs, or too close to call. We are not able to take known mixes or dogs that are obviously not FCRs. Because of the dedication of our breeders, few of our dogs find themselves in need of rescue. That is good for the breed, but disappointing to people who want to adopt a rescue dog. Please visit our rescue guidelines on our FCRSA website, at: https://fcrsa.org/rescue-guidelines/ To locate a breeder, who may have an older dog in need of placement, as well as puppies, please see: https://fcrsa.org/breeder-locator/

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