Field Training Registration

2022 Field Training Days are March 19th, April 9th, May 8th, May 14th, September 17th, October 8th, November 5th, December 3rd

Location: Rover’s Content, Brandywine (Cheltenham), MD (See map below)

Cost: $15 per dog for CRFCRC Members/$20 per dog for non-CRFCRC Members.

CRFCRC will be following the AKC Guidelines for Retriever Hunting Tests for our field events.

Bring yourself, your dog(s), chair, lunch, plenty of water and training equipment. Birds and/or bumpers will be used. To sign-up, use the form below, or call Chris LeBel at (301) 648-8130.

Registration is limited to 40 dogs, 3 dogs per person.

Field Training Registration for Saturday, March 19, 2022

Registration for our first field training day of the year will open on 2/19/2022.

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