2010 Annual Rosettes

38 CRFCRC dogs were awarded rosettes for titles earned in the year 2010!

** 5 titles **
Ch Quillquest's Leading Lady RA JH AX OAJ NF NAP WCX CGC Penny Woodward
** 4 titles **
SR Victory's Follow the Leader RN CD NA NF JH WCX VFCR1 Neal & Helenmary Cody
** 3 titles **
Ch SR Bertschire's Avalanche CDX AX AXJ OAP NJP MH WCX VFCR2 HOF plus (NAP) John & Sandy Bulger
GCh Blazin's Gardez La Foi CD RA NA NAJ NAP NJP NF CGC Dawn Buttion & Marty Archambeault
Ch Flashback's Sweet Talkin' Guy CD RE JH WC CGC Melody Daniels
Ch MACH Shalyn's Wildood Flower CDX RN JH NF CGC Anne Fisher
Ch Streett's End Denali at Wheatmoor CDX GN CGC Kay Livermore & Deb Brady
** 2 titles **
Alidar Demons Begone RN CGC Bob & Ruth Bennett
Bear Country Home on the Ranger JH WC April Senseney
Ch Blazin Jamaican Me Happy CGC Nathan & Rebecca Black
Ch Explicit Secret Dreams JH WCX Can WC Cary & Janet Ciarico
Ch Neverland's Bonnie Lass JH WCX Peter Alea
Pennfield B-day Gava Arrival CD RA plus (RN) Marla Stoner
Ch Quillquest Instant Ikon CDX RE WC CGC Richard Street and Deb Brady
Am/Can Ch Rowansgaard Airborne En Bateau CD WC Beth Garland
Shalyn's Night For a Moondance CD RA CGC Sherri P Lilley- Peck
Ch Shalyn's Not Just a Pretty Face CDX RE JH OA OAJ WC CGC Sherri P Lilley- Peck
Ch Streett's End Nothin But RE CDX GN CGC Richard Street and Deb Brady
Ch Streett’s End Pride And Joy CGC Richard Street and Deb Brady
Wildwood's Long Night Moon NA NAJ CGC Anne Fisher
** 1 titles **
Ch Athercroft Tequila Mockingbird Ruth Marsh
Banquo All the Bells and Whistles JH WC Sandy Howley
Ch Bertschire's Best in Moe MH Bernie Strozeski
Ch Blazin Joule To Infinity Kristine Wolfe
Blazin's Hot Wheels CDX JH AX AXJ OF WCX Scott & Tina Borden
Ch Blazin's Ice Mountain RN CGC Dawn Buttion & Marty Archambeault
Ch Coastalight Moon River MH WCX Mark & Linda Reynolds
Ch Ebonaire Once Upon A Time Valerie Johns
Ch Fishercreek Magic Johnson RN Ruth Marsh
Ch Huntlane Chasin' Daisies CD MH WCX John & Sandy Bulger
Ch Neverland's Blue Ridge Morgan JH WC Peter Alea
Ch Rowansgaard Eustacia Vye UD GO MH MX AXJ WCX** HOF Dale Soper
Ch Salasana Double Arrow CD RA JH OA AXJ NJP CGC HOF Dawn Buttion & Marty Archambeault
Ch Shasta Whisky River SH WCX Mark & Linda Reynolds
Ch Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas RN JH WC Judy Gladson & Jim Beliveau
Victory's Clear Sailing RN CDX MH NA NAJ NF WCX Judy Gladson
Victory's Gone Sailing JH Judy Gladson & Jim Beliveau
Wildwood's Rhythm Of The Rain CD CGC Tami O"Connell
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