2006 WC/WCX Tests

November 24, 2006
Monrovia, MD

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day for the CRFCRC’s first WC/WCX test and by all accounts it was a great success! HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped make this a successful event!! Special thanks to our event chairs, Judy Gladson and Chris LeBel; to Rodger and Sue Armstrong for allowing us the use of their lovely property; to our committee members – Linda Reynolds, John Bulger and Rodger Armstrong; to Sandy Bulger who did a great job with hospitality; our gun captain Mike Bullinger; our head marshal Cheryl Beach; and to our gracious and professional judges Tom Lehr and Megan Baker of York Springs, PA who put up great series for the test! And thanks to all those who helped setup and worked each series! We are grateful for all your help and couldn’t have done it without you! We had 27 total entries, 25 dogs started the test (8 WC, 17 WCX) and 11 qualifiers. Thanks to everyone who entered and supported the test!

Hearty Congratulations to the qualifiers!


Janet Ciarico
CRFCRC Field Chair


WC Qualifiers
Victory’s Diligent Mariner JH “Gent” (FCR) Jim Beliveau
Golly G’s Quintessential Gold CDX MXJ AX RA “Quinn” (GR) Bev Porter
Shasta Whisky River “Bekkr” (FCR) Linda Reynolds


WCX Qualifiers
Happydaugh’s Rincon Coqui “Coqui” (GR) Ann Strathern
Ch Bertschires Perk You Up Java JH WC “Java” (FCR) Chris LeBel
Ch Autumn’s Phantom From Valleygold SH WC “Spirit” (GR) Laura Weinmann
Happydaugh Takn Care’O Biznes “Bizy” (GR) Ann Strathern
Victory’s Clear Sailing CD SH WCX “Solo” (FCR) Judy Gladson
Happydaugh’s TopGun “Maverick” (GR) Ann Strathern
SR Banquo’s Strikes Our Fancy CDX SH WCX “Gracy” (FCR) Sandy Howley
Ch Rainbow Autumn’s First Frost CDX MH NA NAJ Am/Can WCX “Risa” (FCR) Janet Ciarico


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