Winning Ways

Gillian and Quillquest Kennel have a list of brags to share

January 1, 1970 / Unknown

Since the Specialty where she achieved her first CD leg, Ubi completed the following: AM CD at Longshore/Sthport, Can CDX qualified 5 out of 6 shows in July and completed her Can JH the following week-end. She is now CH Quillquest Xuberance CD JH WC CAN CDX JH WC, with one AM CDX leg at this time.

Wags achieved her first Master leg at Syracuse! She is CH Quillquest Wendy's Wagtail SH WC Can JH WCI.   She also finished her Can SH title in Sept at the Can Specialty. Wags was handled by Gillian for her SH title leg and by Jill for her Master leg

Gillian also handled the following dogs to new titles:

Winnie and Pip achieved their CD at the Springfield shows in June, both qualifying 4 days out of 4. Both Winnie and Pip are veterans. (Pip being 10 1/2. Winnie is 8).  Winnie is now AM/CAN CH Quillquest Phen's Born to Win JH CD WCX Can JH WC.  Pip is now CH Quillquest Lickety Split JH CD WC Can JH WC. 

Dart, Faloncliffe Dark Delight JH WC CAN JH WCI, qualified for her WCI in Canada at the Specialty in Sept.

Dina, CH Quillquest Dinamite WC, achieved her WC at the PVGRC test in Sept. and also achieved the1st leg on her JH at Swamp in Nov.

Tar, AM/CAN CH ALMANZA WET or DRY at PRAIRIELIGHT WC CAN WCI JH achieved his WC at the PVGRC test in Sept.

Sparkle, Quillquest's Salute to Chrys WC, achieved her WC at GSGRC in November at Collier's Mills.

I think that's everyone!  Good job, Gillian and the waggle!

8/14-15 At the Tidewater Dog Performance Club trials in Hampton, VA

January 1, 1970 / Unknown

CH U-CD Blazin's Back O' The Moon CD WC CGC, "Cosmo", earned his UKC CD in 3 straight trials with scores of 194.5, 189.5, and 193 at the Tidewater Dog Performance Club trials in Hampton, VA, handled by Melody Daniels.

January 1, 1970 / Unknown

1/25 - Light Foot's Eclipse CD JH FDX CGC "Tanner", and Sandy Bulger won the Oriole Award!  The Oriole Award, given by the Oriole Dog Training Club in Baltimore, is a HUGE trophy (30"tall) given for the first time obedience exhibitor achieving the highest average of the three
scores required for an obedience title. 

Tanner also won an Oriole "Performance Dog Excellent" award for achieving three
performance titles this past year, (CD, FDX, and JH), of which two are
activities offered by the Oriole club.  Yea Sandy and Big T!

Special Recognition

January 1, 1970 / Unknown

Remember back to May 1998 when the national club held its specialty in Brenham, TX?
We want to acknowledge some big achievements for Katy Postrozny and Jaime:

CH Savvy's Cosmic Castaway CD JH MX WCX  "Jaime", owned by Katy Postrozny, was inducted into the Flatcoat Hall of Fame. She was also given a special recognition
certificate as the 2nd flatcoat to have earned her MX (Master Agility) title!

January 1, 1970 / Unknown

5/3 - CH Blazin's Back O' The Moon "Cosmo", owned by Dawn Buttion and Marty Archambeault, finished his Championship at the Chespeake Dog Fanciers Association Show

January 1, 1970 / Unknown

10/20 CH TwinOaks Springin inthe Rain CDX NA WC "Rainey", handled by Neal Cody, earned the Working Certificate at the MFCRC test.

January 1, 1970 / Sherri P Lilley-Peck

Oct. 30, 2010 -- A new Companion Dog Excellent! In VA, 6-year-old Shayla, Ch. Shalyn Not Jst A Pretty Face *CDX* RE JH OA OAJ WC CGC (Dino x. Reggae [Cosmo x. Ashley]), bred, owned, trained and handled by Sherri Lilley Peck (VA), finished her CDX with second place in Open A!

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