WCX Qualifiers

Happydaugh's Weebe Tweetin'  “Wren”
Golden Retriever
HANDLER:  Ann Strathern

Victory's M CD RE JH CGCA TKA SHU WC  “Emma”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Steve Surprenant

CH Coastalight Crown Jewel JH WCX  “Ruby”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Linda Reynolds

GCH Wingmaster Prevailing Winds JH WC RA CD CA NA  “Windy”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  April Senseney

Flatterhaft Empires Never Last  “Rider”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Richard Streett

GCH Flatcastle's Blissful Blue Ocean CD RE MH WCX  “Dylan”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Chris LeBel

CH Blacmoor I Get Around CGC WC JH TKN  “Piper”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Kelly Hanlon

RACH Old Lyme's Canadian Yukon Timberwolf UD, BN GN GO RM3 RAE3 JH WC CGCA CGCU TKA CCA  “Yukon”
Golden Retriever
HANDLER:  Natalie Herzner

CH Allegro Rock Me on the Water MH WCX  “Rocky”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Linda Reynolds

Sir Henry Bryant of the Chesapeake SH  “Henry”
Labrador Retriever
HANDLER:  Drew Bryant

WC Qualifiers

Moonstone Enigma of Westwind CGC  “Bender”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  William Stephens

Blazin's Just Drive CD JH WCX  “Zoomie”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Scott Borden

LCM's Pick Up The Pieces JH  “Jaxx”
Golden Retriever
HANDLER:  Holly  Kelley

Four Lakes Livin' the Dream  “Rudy”
Golden Retriever
HANDLER:  Rita Bumgardner

MACH2 CH Blazin's Life is Good CD JH MXS MJS XF T2B2  “Benny
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Scott Borden

Kaz II  “Kaz”
Golden Retriever
HANDLER:  Arek Rusek

Gap View’s Son of an Outlaw “Charlie”
Golden Retriever
HANDLER:  Bill Best

BlackGamin Kana'ti TKN CGC DJ  “Kandee”
Flat-Coated Retriever
HANDLER:  Penny Woodward

GCH CH Razzle's Playing for Keeps  JH DN CGC  “Keeper”
Golden Retriever
HANDLER:  Judith Mitnick

WC Qualifiers
CH Rainbow Fantasia's Fairietail JH OA AXJ Tasia Lauren Weidner
GCH Clearwater's Mist on the Meadow RN CGC Haylea Jennifer Martin
Adirondac Steal My Show Toby Rick Brunn
Victory's Ocean Explorer Dora Judy Gladson
Rebel Rose of Rockingham Rose Claudia Muterspaugh
Four Lakes Lil Something Special Sammy Rita Bumgardner
Kaotic's Jedi Jeti Awakens CDC JH Jett Chuck Dykes
Flatgold's Divertimento in D JH Trudi Janet Ciarico
CH Star Crowned Superhero Flash Cindy Williamson
Golly G She's A Tomboy UDT NR Tommie Marie Huffman
Happydaugh Living in the Here N Now JH CCA Gator Laurie Collins
SHR GCH Butterblac Captivating Riddler JH DN Tia Jennifer Martin/Bridget Bodine
Victory's M Emma Steve Surprenant
Darkwater's Aquarious Eclipse Darcy Claudia Muterspaugh
Shasta's Roadrunner CD JH AX MXJ Tex Karen Wiley

WCX Qualifiers
GCH Victory's Just What the Doctor Ordered Doc John Price
Weebe UnCorkin' the Meritage Merry Bob Kurtz
Topbrass Osprey Vega JH DS WC Sprey d'Alex Childers
CH Victory The Hills Are Alive SH WCX Julie John Bulger/Judy Gladson
Adirondac's Six Million Acres Parker Bob Kurtz
CH Blazin's Life is Good CD JH AX MXJ OF Benny Scott Borden
Bayside Belle of the 'Burg Belle Claudia Muterspaugh
GCH Victory's Jelly Side Up BN RA SH WC Jelly Judy Gladson
CH Victory It's Outta Here BN JH WCX Brady Sandy Bulger
Thornhill Risky Bisness CD JH SHU NA WC Risky Dale Soper
Redwing's Gossip in the Grain JH WC Montee Brian Foltz
Flatgold's Divertimento in D JH Trudi Janet Ciarico
GCH Wingmaster Order of the Court BN CD JH MX MXJ MXF WC Alabi Linda Arble

with Pee Wee Hunter Stakes

We had a lovely day for our 2013 WC/WCX with Pee Wee Hunter Stake! The field was a bit small this year (18 including the puppies) due, in part, to the success people had at the Specialty and the PVGRC WC/WCX the day before, but everyone had a great time. Six dogs started in the WCX and 3 qualified (1 Flat-Coat and 2 Goldens) and 8 dogs started the WC with 6 qualifying (3 Flat-Coats, 2 Goldens and 1 Labrador). And all 4 puppies did a great job on their marks and then got to meet some pigeons!

Thank you to all of the participants and congratulations to all of the qualifiers! 

Working Certificate Excellent

Augie (Andy Moore), Dylan (Chris LeBel), Tease (Cindy Williamson)

Qualified Flatcastle's Blissful Blue Ocean JH WCX (Chris LeBel & Judy Gladson)
Qualified Lycinan's Tantalize CD JH WC (Golden) (Cynthia Williamson)
Qualified Wills Mt Augustus JH WC (Golden) (Lee Ann & Andy Moore)

Working Certificate

Jazmine (Sherri Lilley), Gibbs (Pam Turgeon), Danny (Richard Street), Cassie (Todd Sheridan), Treasure (Bill Stephens), Surfer (Karen Stephens)

Puppy 9-12 Month

Juvi (Dawn Buttion), Solar (Dawn Buttion)

1st Blazin's License To Drive (Dawn Buttion, Martin Archambeault & Bryce Archambeaut)
2nd Blazin's Lightning Bug (Dawn Buttion, Martin Archambeault & Colin Archambeaut)

Baby Puppy Stakes

Merry (Bob Kurtz), Miles (Cliff Williams)

1st Weebe Uncorkin' the Meritage (Bob Kurtz)
2nd Blazin Miles of Tidalflats (Cliff Williams)

The Capitol Region's Spring 2012 WC/WCX test went very well. the Judges set up a nice test, the rain held off, the dogs all did fine work and we had plenty of volunteers to help out. Congratulations to all the qualifiers! In the Puppy Stakes, all the puppies did either wonderful, interesting or funny work but they all retrieved and everyone had a great time. Great Big thanks to our Judges Mario Cilia and Carol Lewis for setting up a nice test series and and our puppy judges Janet Boss and Betty Dust!

Working Certificate Excellent
15 entered 9 Qualified

Qualifiers shown in order listed below. Photo by Linda Reynolds.

Qualified Victory’s Diligent Mariner SH WCX (Jim Beliveau & Judy Gladson)
Qualified CH MACH Wingmaster’s Stell R Aura VCD2 RE JH XF (Linda Arble)
Qualified CH Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas RN SH WC (Jim Beliveau & Judy Gladson)
Qualified Explicit She’s The One JH WC (Janet & Cary Ciarico)
Qualified Banquo All the Bells and Whistles (Sandra C. Howley)
Qualified CH Rowansgaard Eustacia Vye UD MH MX MXJ WCX (Dale Soper)
Qualified Flat-Castle’s Blissful Blue Ocean JH WC (Chris LeBel & Judy Gladson)
Qualified CH Mariner Triumph at Woodcreek JH CD (GR) (Pam Simmons)
Qualified Morning Sun Green White Checker JH (Lab) (Norma Mote) not pictured

Working Certificate
20 Entered 13 Qualified

Qualifiers shown in order listed below. Photo by Linda Reynolds.

Qualified Casblaidd Over the Line (Tracey Fudge)
Qualified Miss Mallorys Favourite Disguise (Tracey Fudge & Judy Gladson)
Qualified CH Four Corners Bow and Arrow (Judith Terchek & Dawn Buttion)
Qualified Victory the Hills are Alive (John & Sandy Bulger and Judy Gladson)
Qualified Allegro Rock Me on the Water (Linda S. & Mark Reynolds)
Qualified Victory’s Clear Sailing CDX RE MH NA NAJ NF WCX (Judy Gladson)
Qualified Golly G Southwinds Outshine CDX GN RAE OA OAJ NF OAP OJP NFP (GR) (Teri Poetker & Penelope Geddes)
Qualified Saltaire’s It’s Meant To Be OA OAJ NF BN (GR) (Patricia & Michael Dunseith)
Qualified CH Pennfield Rainbow on Kenai RN AX AXJ (Lauren Weidner)
Qualified Magic Surf’s Up at Westwind RN WC CGC (William & Monica Stephens and Thomas Stephens & Claudia Henning)
Qualified Topbrass Commander CCA CGC (GR) (Nancy L. Kulig & J. Wayne Kulig)
Qualified Blazin’s Just Drive (Scott & Tina Borden & Dawn Buttion & Marty Archambeault)
Qualified Raisin' Hail's Bohemia Waters CD RN (Lab) (Linda C. Surmacz) not pictured

Baby Puppy Stakes

1st Adirondac’s Six Million Acres (GR) (Robert Kurtz)
2nd Gaylan’s High Voltage (GR) (Sandra Ziemski)
3rd Victory I’m Steering for Westwind (William & Monica Stephens)
4th Victory It’s Outta Here (John & Sandy Bulger)
Judges Award of Merit Victory’s Jelly Side Up (Judy Gladson & Jim Beliveau)
Judges Award of Merit Alahna Joplin Ragtime O Gold-Rush (GR) (D. Alexandra Childers)

Held jointly with the PVGRC

Congratulations to all the qualifiers at our early fall working tests, a first "official" joint test sponsored by the Capital Region Flat-Coated Retriever Club and the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club!! As the rains finally cleared and the sun broke through, our day followed suit, going off without a hitch. We had a wonderful turnout, 43 entries in all, including 9 WCX dogs, 26 WC dogs, and 8 puppies! HUGE thanks to our our judges Rodger and Sue Armstrong for their time and effort in putting on excellent tests, and our puppy judges Chris LeBel and Lindsay Ridgeway!

Baby Puppy Stakes

Topbrass Daring Doolittle, Bodi, Moongate's There Can Be Only One, Top

1st Bodi (Lab) (Lorraine McPartland)
2nd Topbrass Osprey Vega (GR) (D. Alexandra Childers)
3rd Moongate's There Can Be Only One (GR) (Diane & Ed Coyle)
4th Topbrass Daring Doolittle (GR) (Paige K. Jones)

Senior Puppy Stakes

Placements listed in reverse photo order (from right to left). - Photo by Bob Kurtz
1st Allegro Rock Me on the Water (FCR) (Mark & Linda Reynolds)
2nd Miss Mallorys Favourite Disguise (FCR) (Tracey Fudge and Judy Gladson)
3rd Victory the Hills Are Alive (FCR) (John and Sandy Bulger)

Working Certificate Excellent

Qualifiers listed in photo order (from left to right). - Photo by Bob Kurtz
Qualified Ch Shasta Whisky River SH WCX (FCR) (Mark & Linda Reynolds)
Qualified High Peak's Rising To The Top CDX RN JH MX MXJ WC NF CCA VCX (GR) (Sally Henry)
Qualified Happydaugh's A Day in May UD WC (GR) (Leslie Darragh)
Qualified Gaylan's Fire When Ready VCD2 RN JH AX AXJ XF (GR) (Pat Kavanagh)
Qualified Happydaugh's A Cut Above (GR) (Ann Strathern)

Working Certificate

Qualifiers listed in photo order (from left to right). - Photo by Bob Kurtz

Qualified Thornhill Risky Bisness (FCR) (Dale Soper)
Qualified Moongate's Me and My Shadow (GR) (Diane Coyle)
Qualified Ch Swallowsflight Freya-Gaia (FCR) (Judy Gladson)
Qualified Fireside's Weebe Gunnin For You (GR) (Skip Manley)
Qualified Topbrass Daring Amelia (GR) (Paige K. Jones)
Qualified Wildwood's Long Night Moon CD OA AXJ (FCR) (Anne Fisher)
Qualified Calumet Grove's GEB Janet WC (Lab) (Robert Kurtz)
Qualified Tri-J's Intrepid Jack Frost VCD1 CDX RE (GR) (Debra Barrows)
Qualified Sun Bay's Intrepid Hunter CD RE (GR) (Debra Barrows)
Qualified Happydaugh's Quantum Singularity (GR) (Ann Strathern)
Qualified Raisin' Hail's Bohemia Waters CD RN (Lab) (Linda C Surmacz)

What a beautiful day to be out with our dogs and friends! While we had a small field this year, the camaraderie and enthusiasm were all we could ask for. A big thank you to Rodger and Sue Armstrong for judging, to all of the people who came out and helped as workers and to everyone who entered. Congratulations to our qualifiers!

Working Certificate Excellent
Eight dogs entered, 7 dogs started, and 3 dogs qualified:

Qualifiers listed in photo order below (from left to right). - Photo by Bob Kurtz

Qualified Ransom's Camden Sunshine CD MH WCX (Lab) (John & Sandy Bulger & Bernadette Brown)
Qualified Victory's Clear Sailing RN CDX MH NA NAJ NF WCX (FCR) (Judy Gladson)
Qualified High Peak’s Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp JH (GR) (Pamela Ford)

Working Certificate
Nine dogs entered, 9 started, and 3 dogs qualified:

Qualifiers listed in photo order below (from left to right). - Photo by Bob Kurtz

Qualified Pennfield's K2 CD RE NF AX AXJ (FRC) (Karen Wiley)
Qualified Bear Country Home on the Range (FCR) (April Senseney)
Qualified Trifecta's Over And Under (GR) (Alexis Scott)

Mother Nature gave us a gorgeous fall day for our test and many participants made the most of it by doing some excellent dog and handler work and taking home a title and ribbon for their efforts! Congratulations to our qualifiers!

Working Certificate Excellent
Thirteen dogs entered, 13 dogs started, and 4 dogs qualified:

Qualified Ch Quillquest's Leading Lady JH OA NAJ WC (FCR) (Penny Woodward)
Qualified Ch Flashbacks Handyman CDX JH RA OA NAJ NAP CGC WC (FRC) (Sharon Movic )
Qualified Ambertrail’s Foreign Intrigue CDX TD JH WC (GR) (Marie Huffman)
Qualified Fast-Trak’s Need for Speed VCD1 RA JH TDX OA OAJ NF WC (GR) ( Sharon DeCesare)
Working Certificate
Twenty-three dogs entered, 21 started, and 12 dogs qualified:

Qualified Orion’s Rigel Star of Erin (GR) (Jamie Kirkpatrick)
Qualified Mariner Woodcreek Eagle Isle (GR) (Pam Simmons)
Qualified Neverland's Blue Ridge Morgan JH (FCR) (Peter Alea)
Qualified Gaylan’s Earth, Wind and Fire (GR) (Laura Higdon)
Qualified Bertschire's Natural Wonder (FCR) (Chris LeBel)
Qualified High Peak’s Rising To The Top (GR) (Sally Henry)
Qualified Ch Victory Deep Blue Sea JH (FCR) (Judy Gladson)
Qualified High-Peak’s Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp JH (GR) (Pam Ford)
Qualified OTCH Aureus A Blaze Before You UDX3 RAE (GR) (Lorraine McPartland)
Qualified Banquo All the Bells and Whistles (FCR) (Sandra and Bob Howley)
Qualified Au-Fern’s Endzone Dance in RFK (GR) (Pam Stirling)
Qualified Dromara Au-Fern’s Connecticut Yankee (GR) (Pam Stirling)

On Saturday, November 29, 2008, CRFCRC held its third annual fall WC/WCX test. This year, the test was held at Rover’s Content, in Brandywine Maryland. The weather was as perfect as you could hope for, this time of year.  Let’s all congratulate our qualifiers!

WC qualifiers are on the left, WCX qualifiers on the right, listed in order below. - Photo by Helena Dahlen

Working Certificate Excellent
Nine dogs were entered, 9 dogs started the test, and 3 qualified:

Qualified Victory's Diligent Mariner JH WC (FCR) (Jim Beliveau)
Qualified CH Articsun Tellin A Tail of Victory JH WC (FCR) (Judy Gladson)
Qualified Milestone's Keeper JH WC (GR) (Penny McCrea)

Working Certificate
Eight dogs were entered, 7 started, and 3 qualified:

Qualified CH Fireside Rythm & Blues CDX RA OA OAJ (FCR) (Chris McClung)
Qualified Rainbow Spring Reigns (FCR) (Lauren Weidner)
Qualified Rudy (GR) (Janet Boss)

It was a sunny and chilly day On Friday, November 23, at Twin Ponds for our WC/WCX tests. Despite the chill, we warmed ourselves with friendship, fun, and titles to celebrate!

We are very grateful to Sue and Rodger Armstrong for the generous use of their property and all of Rodger’s hard work throughout the day. We also thank our esteemed judges Leslie Peszczynski and Bob Hux who did an outstanding job.

It takes a village as they say, and this event is no exception. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered their time and effort to make this day so successful – co-chairs Chris LeBel and Scott Borden, committee members John Bulger, Linda Reynolds (doubling as gun captain, too) and Rodger Armstrong. Test secretary Janet Ciarico, chief marshal April Senseney, Tina Borden and Sandy Bulger for hospitality, gunners Bob Kurtz and Rodger Armstrong and all the workers who volunteered throughout the day, many who were not running dogs. Your support and contributions are greatly appreciated!

We also thank the participants and pass along our hearty CONGRATULATIONS to the qualifiers!

Janet CiaricoCRFCRC Field Chair

Working Certificate Excellent
Qualifiers shown left to right
Qualified Ch Coastalight Moon River JH WC (FCR) (Mark & Linda Reynolds)
Qualified Streetts End Sweet Sassafrass SH (FCR) (Jim Meyers)
Qualified Wingmaster’s Ice Cap CDX JH OA OAJ (FCR) (Maureen Kolasa)
Working Certificate
Qualifiers shown left to right
Qualified Mo-K’s Sunlit Boston Harbor CD RN OA AXJ (GR) (Susan Bates)
Qualified Ch Aquest Short Hop to O’Hare RN (GR) (Joan Donohue)
Qualified Lycinan Bling Bling (GR) (Cynthia Williamson)
Qualified Quillquest Out of the Blue JH (FCR) (Bob Kobar)
Qualified Ch Quillquest's Leading Lady JH NA NAJ (FCR) (Penny Woodward)
Qualified Shiloh Gilgalad (FCR) (Cathy McGarvey)

Friday was an absolutely gorgeous day for the CRFCRC’s first WC/WCX test and by all accounts it was a great success! HUGE THANKS to everyone who helped make this a successful event!! Special thanks to our event chairs, Judy Gladson and Chris LeBel; to Rodger and Sue Armstrong for allowing us the use of their lovely property; to our committee members – Linda Reynolds, John Bulger and Rodger Armstrong; to Sandy Bulger who did a great job with hospitality; our gun captain Mike Bullinger; our head marshal Cheryl Beach; and to our gracious and professional judges Tom Lehr and Megan Baker of York Springs, PA who put up great series for the test! And thanks to all those who helped setup and worked each series! We are grateful for all your help and couldn’t have done it without you! We had 27 total entries, 25 dogs started the test (8 WC, 17 WCX) and 11 qualifiers. Thanks to everyone who entered and supported the test!

Hearty Congratulations to the qualifiers!


Janet Ciarico
CRFCRC Field Chair


WC Qualifiers
Victory’s Diligent Mariner JH “Gent” (FCR) Jim Beliveau
Golly G’s Quintessential Gold CDX MXJ AX RA “Quinn” (GR) Bev Porter
Shasta Whisky River “Bekkr” (FCR) Linda Reynolds


WCX Qualifiers
Happydaugh’s Rincon Coqui “Coqui” (GR) Ann Strathern
Ch Bertschires Perk You Up Java JH WC “Java” (FCR) Chris LeBel
Ch Autumn’s Phantom From Valleygold SH WC “Spirit” (GR) Laura Weinmann
Happydaugh Takn Care’O Biznes “Bizy” (GR) Ann Strathern
Victory’s Clear Sailing CD SH WCX “Solo” (FCR) Judy Gladson
Happydaugh’s TopGun “Maverick” (GR) Ann Strathern
SR Banquo’s Strikes Our Fancy CDX SH WCX “Gracy” (FCR) Sandy Howley
Ch Rainbow Autumn’s First Frost CDX MH NA NAJ Am/Can WCX “Risa” (FCR) Janet Ciarico


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