CONGRATULATIONS to the following dogs and their owners:

Save the Baby!

Dogs had to rescue the baby from the water. 31 dogs started, 28 dogs Saved the Baby!! Great odds for the amount of wave action that we had.
More stats: 3 dogs mauled the baby (now missing an eye and several toes). One dog stole the baby (& ran off); one dog tried to bury the baby; and one dog tried to trade the baby for food that a real little human was eating!

The following dogs recieved awards for "Saving the baby":

  • Piper, Faith, Zoomie, Chilly, & Eagle (Human rescuers, Dawn Buttion & Colin)
  • Selkie, Lin, Skiff, & Jurel (Human rescuer, Cliff Williams)
  • Marcie, Lucy & Rudy (Human rescuer, Janet Boss)
  • Brook & Sunny (Human rescuer, Sandy Bulger)
  • Jetta & Sophie (Human rescuer, Judy Terchek)
  • Bekkr & River (Human rescuer, Linda Reynolds)
  • Raggs & Sparks (Human rescuer, Janice Anthes)
  • Tiko (Human rescuer, Caitlin Faunce)
  • Harley (Human rescuer, Sandy Howley)
  • Duffy (Human rescuer, William Gangloff)
  • Arthur (Human rescuer, Shari Faina)
  • Java (Human rescuer, Chris Lebel)
  • Ike (Human rescuer, Deb Brady)
  • Valley (Human rescuer, Penny Woodward)
  • Brewster (Human rescuer, Joel Duncan)

Special notes: Oldest dog in game, Lucy (~12 yo); Oldest Flat-coats in game, Valley & Lin (10.5 yo)
Youngest Flat-coats in game, Zoomie & Jurel (5 months old); Rescue dog with no water experience, Duffy.

Take it/Leave it

Owners had to predict if their dog would take or leave 5 items: tofu, jerky, shoe, apple, & toy.
25 dog (handler) teams attempted the game.
Five teams got perfect scores (5) in the first round and made it to the run-off:
Mesa (Diane Orth)
Chilly (Dawn Buttion)
Chase & Brook (Sandy Bulger)
Hannah (Cheryl Beach)
After *three* run-off rounds, Chase emerged triumphant!

Tennis Ball Fetch

Without using fetch commands, owners had to get dogs to continually take balls from a pile and deliver them to the handler.
Up to 20 balls could be collected; time limit was 2 minutes.
25 dog (handler) teams attempted the game.
The *resounding* winner was Solo (collecting 18 balls!!), handled by Judy Gladson.
River, handled by Linda Reynolds, was the runner up with a very respectable 16 balls collected!

Canine Good Citizen Test

Nine dogs and handlers signed up for the CGC. All passed.
Congratulations to:

  • Skiff & Jurel (handled by Cliff Williams)
  • Faith & Chilly (handled by Dawn Buttion)
  • Piper (handled by Helenmary Cody)
  • Arthur (handled by Shari Faina)
  • Sophie (handled by Judy Terchek)
  • Che (handled by Holly Stein)
  • Duffy (handled by William Gangloff)

Our Annual Family Reunion was held at Black Hill Regional Park, Montgomery County, MD, on September 17. It was a sunny, warm day and we had about 30 happy flat-coats with their 30 owners. The pot-luck lunch was wonderful, with Bernie Strozeski doing a superb job with the grill! Game winners went home with beautiful, pewter goblets (donated by Metro Graphic Communications) and pretty ribbons. Kathi Leonhardt and Deb Brady donated some gorgeous raffle prizes. Cheryl Beach made special bandanas for the pups. Sandy Bulger organized the hospitality and hauled the boxes. We accepted donations for dogs involved with Katrina Relief. Richard evaluated our CGC entries. Everyone pitched in and helped run our fun games.

Game Results:

Recall with Distractions:

1st Chase and Sandy Bulger
2nd Wiley and William Hummer
3rd Zaile and Janet Evans

Other Awards:
I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up Award:  Gracey and Sandy Howley

Bumper Toss:

1st Tara Weiss
2nd  Linda Reynolds
3rd  William Hummer

Other Awards:
Inconsistency Award:   Jeanne Lin

Wet T-Shirt Relay:

1st  Gracey and Libby with Sandy Howley and Janet Ciarico
2nd  Magic and Gracey with Penny Geddes and Sandy Howley
3rd  Shenandoah and Zaile with Janet Evans and Tara Weiss


1st  Brook with John Bulger
2nd  (tie) Magic with Penny Geddes and Shenandoah with Janet Evans

Hot dog toss

1st  Brook and John Bulger
2nd  Risa and Janet Ciarico
3rd  Dino and Scott Borden

Other Awards:
Booby prizes to the 11 of 27 dogs who didn't catch!

Best Junior Handlers:

Alex, Ben and Tom!

We all had a lot of fun at the Reunion, despite the tropical storm remnants that showed up to give us authentic tropical atmosphere. It was great to see all the dogs running around wearing leis among tikis, palm trees, flamingos, and a grass-skirt holding blind! The workers were wonderful and were in great spirits despite the sheets of rain. Bob Howley somehow barbequed in that weather! Special thanks to the Howleys, the Bulgers, the Bordens, Cheryl Beach, & Diane Fong for helping us pull this off. Game results are we also had lots of happy raffle & door prize winners.

Jane Boraczek & Cliff Williams, co-chairs

Game Results (a.k.a. the good, the bad, & the silly):

Swim past the birds (recall through "decoys"):

Not much of a swim because the current was high and we had to run it along the side of the stream. There was a wide range of scores here. Placements based on best times.

1st  Gracy & Sandy Howley
2nd  Briggs & Jack Torre
3rd  Magic & Penny Geddes (ran course backwards)

Other Awards:
Checked most decoys:  Ramey ( & Gloria McCleary)
Retrieved most decoys:  Sonny (Bulger's lab)
Most elegant launch (to retrieve a piece of trash):  Lin (& Cliff Williams)

Toy Shopping (agility with a twist):

The toys wound up being used as distractions in this game, which was run as a real mini agility course. Placements based on best time finishing all elements:

1st  Prue & Marty Archambeault
2nd  Risa & Cary Ciarico
3rd  Mesa & Diane Fong

Other Awards:
Most off course, but still finished:   Hope & Penny Geddes
Wrecked the most obstacles   (Gloria McClearyBess, the fcr, did fine)
Special Senior award:   "Finished whole course with bumper in her mouth in great time": Ravin (at 13 year old), run by Dawn

Tennis ball retrieve (from pool full of "decoys"i.e. rubber duckies and floating flamingos)

There was a WIDE range of performance here and many dogs never did bring a ball backbut retrieved lots of duckies. Placements based on best time with a tennis ball, and they were all in one (ball-obsessed) family (1st place is the Dam of 2nd and 3rd)!

1st  Augie & Dawn Buttion
2nd  Dino & Scott Borden
3rd  Vita & Tina Borden

Other Awards:
Finally got ball then pooped with ball in mouth: Tanner (& Sandy Bulger)
Best wallower: Briggs (run by Jack Torre)
Perseverance Award:Finally did bring back ball after several duckies (i.e. worst time, but still finished game!): Skiff (run by Jane Boraczek)

Precision Bumper Toss:

This was a people only game where you accumulated points by getting bumpers in/near the target areas. There were some awesome contenders here so we had to have a "toss off". Placements for best scores:

1st  Kathy McCoy
2nd  Jack Torre
3rd  Sandy Howley

Other Awards:
Most Unscrupulous Competitor:(in toss off): (we give awards for this?):   Bob Howley

Hot dog toss (back by popular demand!)

This is our classic hot dog toss with dogs catching pieces of hot dog from several distances. Here we had to have several toss offs and still came up with a tie for 3rd! Placements for most hot dogs caught over longest distances:

1st  Tanner & Sandy Bulger
2nd  Briggs & Jack Torre
3rd  Risa & Janet Ciarico tied with Bailey & Cary Ciarico (all in the family!)

Other Awards:
Most clueless(didn't try to catch even when hotdog hit her nose):  Prue (handled by Marty Archambeault)b

At the Owens Local Park in Beallsville, Maryland, Flat-Coats and their owners celebrated their versatility!! A BIG BIG thank you to Sandy Howley for making the reunion a HUGE success and for testing our dogs versatility in a new and unique way!! The weather was great for the 8th Annual Capital Region Flat-Coated Retriever Family Reunion. We had a great site, great games and really great prizes. THANK YOU Sandy for all the of the work you did and on behalf of the Club and a big thanks to your kids for helping out!!! The Flat-Coats would also like to thank Gracy for sharing her YUMMY Peanut Butter Cookie recipe with them!!

Games - CONGRATULATIONS to the following dogs and their owners:

Agility Distraction Action

1. Dawn Buttion & "Piper" Ch Blazin's Enchanted Forest CGC
2. Caitlin Howley & "Gracy" Banquo's Strikes Our Fancy JH WC CGC
3. Dawn Buttion & "Augie" Ch Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire CD WC CGC

Honorable Mentions
- Merdad Mogarbi & "Ceasar" Ch Blazin Chariots Of Fire - Handler & dog in the tunnel!
- Laurie & Taylor Stewart & "Tiger" Ch Whitland Hy Frequency JH WC - "Tay" on table longer than Tiger!

Tracking Egg Hunt

1. Scott Borden & "Dino" Ch Blazin's Carpe Diem CDX SH WCX HOF
2. Sandy Howley & "Gracy" Banquo's Strikes Our Fancy JH WC CGC
3. Dawn Buttion & "Piper" Ch Blazin's Enchanted Forest CGC

Honorable Mentions
- Jane Mauk & "Jonah" - More interested in everything else!
- Diane Fong & "Indigo" - Didn't quite get it!

Obedience Baseball

1. Scott Borden & "Dino" Ch Blazin's Carpe Diem CDX SH WCX HOF
2. Jack Palmer & "Chance"
3. Dawn Buttion & "Augie" Ch Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire CD WC CGC

Honorable Mentions
- Alex Palmer & "Chance" - "Stayed", and "Stayed", and "Stayed"!!
- Karesa & "Jordan" Ch SR Hallbent Most Happy Fella JH WC - Solid Effort!!

Field Fun

1. Sandy Howley & "Gracy" Banquo's Strikes Our Fancy JH WC CGC
2. John Bulger & "Brook" SR Bertschire's Avalanche JH WC CGC
3. Laurie Stewart & "Tiger" Ch Whitland Hy Frequency JH WC

Honorable Mentions
- Jack Palmer & "Chance" - Slowest
- Bernie & "Bones" Ch Berschire Bad To The Bones CGC - Most Humiliating

Conformation Bandana Modeling

"Stud" Class - Merdad Mogarbi & "Dakota" - Flat-Coat Wannabe Bandana
Runner Up - Scott Borden & "Dino" - Gold Chain
"Vixen" Class - Jane Boraczek & "Selkie" Tidalflats' Selkie WC - Hawaiian Babe
"Babe" Class - Jane Boraczek & "Skiff" Tidalflats' Sea Skiff - Clown Act
Marie Torre & "Briggs" Tidalflats Brigantine - Stick Head
"Junior" Class - Alex Palmer & "Chance"

The weather was near perfect for the 6th Annual Flat-Coated Retriever Reunion at Whites Ferry in Dickerson, Maryland. An ENORMOUS thank you to Monica Gorman and Kent Campbell for making the reunion a HUGE success. We had a great site, great turnout, great games and really great prizes. You two should be very proud of the work you did and on behalf of the Club, WE THANK YOU!!!!

Games - CONGRATULATIONS to the following dogs and their owners:

40-yard Dash - Al Jenkins & Ch SR Lyric's Kay CD JH WCX CGC (Katie won with a time of 4 seconds!)

Bobbing for Balls - Al Jenkins & Ch SR Lyric's Kay CD JH WCX CGC (Katie bobbed 11 balls in 30 seconds!)

Distraction Dash - Dawn Buttion & Ch Blazin's Cosmic Thing CGC (Junebug won with a time of 2 seconds!)

Hotdog Retrieve - Gillian Impey & Ch Quillquest Wendy's Wagtail SH WCX Can JH WCI (Wags won by bringing back a quarter of a hotdog!)

Doggy Limbo - Dale Soper & Ch Darktarn Bittersweet Glory CGC (Glory crawled under a bar set at 14.5 inches!)

Ball Catch - Marty Archambeault & Ch Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire CD CGC (Augie caught 8 balls in 30 seconds!)

Silent Auction and Raffle - THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the silent auction and raffle and CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners:

Auction - Al Jenkins, Gillian Impey, John Bulger, Penny Geddes, Laura Feinerman, Kathy Leonhardt and Sandy Howley!!!

Raffle (Flat-Coat enamel on copper pin.) - Dale Soper.

Monica and Kent send their thanks to the following members!!

The Game Runners - Jeanne Lin, Bernie, Marty Archambeault, Linda Reynolds, Will Nuckols, Geri Nicholson, Cliff Williams, Jane Boraczek, and Penny Geddes's granddaughter.

The Grillmasters - Bernie and Mark Reynolds.

The Setup Crew - Jane Boraczek and Cliff Williams.

The Cleanup Crew - Marty Archambeault, and Mark and Linda Reynolds.


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