Best Puppy — Blazin's Back O' The Moon (Buttion/Archambeault)

Best Opposite Puppy — Hy-Tymes Melting Moments (Sutton)


Best Adult — Lyric's Kay (Jenkins)

Best Opposite Adult — Victory's Awesome Amos (Windsor/Delventhal)


Best Veteran — Baron Von Bear (Coffee)


Best Pet — Cooper (Calt/McGue)

Best Opposite Pet — Lucy (Haslam)


Best Special — Ch Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire (Buttion/Archambeault)

Best Opposite Special — Ch Quillquest Peter Pan (Boteler)

Junior Handler

Best Junior Handler — Pendragon's Shinning Times (Gumbinner)


Best Brace — Ch Hy-Tymes Even Keel UD JH WCX/Victory's Attention On Deck (Delventhal)

Breed Results

Best Puppy: Reblar Tin Lizzy Of Hy-Tymes (Sutton)

Best Opposite Puppy: Skyelark Gunpowder O' Hy-Tymes (Sutton/Street)

Best Adult: Quillquest Peter Pan (Boteler)
Best Opposite Adult: Hy-Tymes Natty Gann (Stewart)

Best Special: CH Dancin' Sampson CD (Stein)
Best Opposite Special: CH Bolingbroke's Cocoa Loco CD JH WC (Reynolds)

Best Pet/Veteran: CH Hy-Tymes Bye Bye Birdie WC (Sutton)

Best Brace: CH Hy-Tymes Victory Peter Pan JH (Delventhal)
CH Hy-Tymes Virginia Reel CD JH WC

Obedience Results

Highest Scoring Regular Class: Ch Hy-Tymes Celestrial Navigator CD (Benson)

Highest Scoring Non-Regular Class: Ch Hy-Tymes Travis McGee CDX JH WC (Stewart)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Obedience Results

Highest Scoring in Regular Classes: TwinOaks Springin In The Rain (Cody)
Highest Scoring Non Regular Classes: Athelas The Lucky Hex CD (Stoner)

Breed Results

Best Puppy: Hy-Tymes Victory Peter Pan (Delventhal)
Best Opposite Puppy: Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire (Buttion)

Best Adult: Inglis Kolt K'Mander (Anderson)
Best Opposite Adult: K'Mander Dancin' Boogaloo (Stein)
Best Special: CH Exotic Remington Steele CD JH WC (Gumbinner)
Best Opposite Special: CH Whisperwind Petersfield Tia (Anderson/Debree)
Best Pet: CH Essex Summer Sorcerer CD (McNichol)
Best Brace: Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire (Buttion)
CH Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CD JH WC

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