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Full NameCall NameOwner NameTitlesRegistered Name# TItles
GCH Grousemoor Blue Flame A Blazin BN RA NA DCAT CGCAzulaDawn Buttion, Martin Archambeault, Helen Szostak & Colin ArchambeaultGCH DCAT RI RA BN NAGrousemoor Blue Flame A Blazin6
CH Blazin's Questionable Drive'R BN RA MX MXB MXJ MJB MXF T2B FCAT ACT2 ACT2J DSA TKN CGCCabbieDawn M Buttion, Martin J Archambeault, Bryce Archambeault & Colin ArchambeaultBN MJB MXF MXBBlazin's Questionable Drive'R4
Blazin's Quenched By Caffeine RE FDC FCAT5 ACT2 ACT2J SWN CGC TKA ATT BN-V VHMA VSWE DN DJX DS ONYX MBM FITS RATICoffeeStephen & Gwendolen CarrONYX FDCh FCAT5Blazin's Quenched By Caffeine3
GCH CH MACH Blazin's License To Drive CDX PCDX BN GN RAE JH MXS MJS MXP MJP OF T2B BCAT DN DJ HOF VFCR1 CL4-R CL3-R CL3-H CL3-FJuviDawn Buttion, Martin Archambeault & Bryce ArchambeaultMXP MJPBlazin's License To Drive2
GCHB MACH Blazin's Off Road Drive'N CD BN RA MXS MJS MXP MJP OF FCAT3 CL3-R CL3-H CL3-FPistonDawn M Buttion, Martin J Archambeault, Bryce Archambeault & Colin ArchambeaultMXP MJPBlazin's Off Road Drive'N2
Blazin's Push The Button RN MX MXB MXJ OF T2B FCAT ACT2 ACT2J CL1-R CL1-H CL1-FBenjiDawn Buttion, Martin Archambeault, Colin Archambeault & Bryce ArchambeaultT2B MXBBlazin's Push The Button2
CH Quillquest An Airtight Alibi BN RN SH CGCA CGCU WCXTalonAnya Dornak, Kim Yates & Gillian ImpeyBN RNQuillquest An Airtight Alibi2
Victory's Staff Sergeant CDX JH SHU BCAT WCXSargeSteve and Betsy SurprenantCDXVictory's Staff Sergeant1
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