At The Bridge

GCh Athercroft Not for a Melon Bucks
06/18/2004 — 04/03/2015
Ruth Marsh
Sex: Dog
Sire: Exotic Unanimous Decision
Dam: Athercroft Ugleaux Girl
Light-Foot's Eclipse CD SH FDX WCX CGC
08/11/1993 — 11/11/2004
John and Sandra Bulger
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Grousemoor Talisman
Dam: Beaverun's Triple Crown
Breeder: S. Hope Meaker

Tanner was our first Flat-coat. He came to us at age two as "just a pet". He taught us so much about retrievers, the abilities of our dogs and unconditional love. In the end, our loving pet proved himself to be a talented performance dog. He will be remembered for his incredible heart and playful spirit.

Ch SR U-CD U-AGI Whisper Winds Always Harmony UDT SH OA WCX CGC TDI Can CD WCI (HOF)
Melody Daniels
Color: Liver
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Bertschires Jesse James
Dam: Petersfield Irish Rose

Waylynn was an honest, capable and biddable working companion, earning Unsteady Singles field JAM's at the 1993 and 1994 National Specialties and strongly finishing the 1997 Steady Singles; placing numerous times in obedience and agility; and earning her tracking title at her first test. In the show ring, she placed in Open Bitches at the 1993 National Specialty and won the Field Trial Bitch class in 1996 and 1998.

Always owner trained and handled, at the age of 5 she became the first liver bitch in breed history to qualify for the Flat-Coat Hall of Fame.  As a Veteran, she earned 2 legs toward her UKC CDX and 2 legs toward her NAHRA Working Retriever title. Waylynn was an ace Frisbee player, a playmate to all the neighborhood kids, and a gentle, patient Therapy Dog at the nearby nursing home. Her devotion to us was matched only by ours to her. 

Shasta's Roadrunner CD RA AX MXJ JH FDX TDI WC
02/11/2010 — 09/07/2020
Karen Wiley
Color: Liver
Sex: Dog
Sire: Shasta Belstar Magic Happens
Dam: Shasta Liberty
Breeder: Joyce Brackney

Tex is our liver boy who started out as my husband's dog. However, my husband didn't realize how much work was involved in training the dogs, so I took over.  Tex is one of the sweetest dogs in our house.  He enjoys his therapy dog work.  He is a maniac about the water and enjoys his birds.  He is an honest worker and tries hard for me.  Tex is 4 months older than our other youngster, Zealot.  Having 2 puppies so close has been an experience that I would not repeat, but I would never give them up.

Riverly Artistry in Motion UDX MX MXJ JH TD RA WCX Can CD WC
Linda Arble
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Twin Oaks Shiloh of Sunhill
Dam: Foxvues Funny Girl
Victory Even Keel
11/12/2005 — 10/12/2021
Judy Gladson & Geri Nicholson
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Victory's Bird in the Hand
Dam: Wingmaster's Gale Force at Victory
Breeder: Judy Gladson
Ch Allegro's Free Man in Paris SH WCX CGC
02/14/1998 — 10/22/2005
Mark & Linda Reynolds
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Folly's B-Flat Major
Dam: Bolingbroke's Cocoa Loco

Beau was my heart dog and took on the job of filling a void left by a personal tragedy in our lives. He was my constant companion until he left us without warning and with so much life left to live. It still hurts to think about him. I am eternally grateful to him for his devotion and faithful companionship.

Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae
Gloria McCleary
Color: Liver
Sex: Bitch
Breeder: Rescue
GCh Ebonaire Once Upon A Time
06/08/2007 — 10/01/2016
Valerie Johns
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Knight Sky Absolute Havoc
Dam: Aheka Midsummer Nights' Dream
Magic Surf's Up at Westwind RN JH WC CGC
03/06/2004 — 11/01/2016
William & Monica Stephens & Thomas Stephens & Claudia Henning
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Wendom Rippling River
Dam: Light-Foot Ghiradelli Magic
Breeder: Claudia Henning, Jerry Peters & S. Hope Meaker
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