In Memoriam

Ch. Blazin’s Carpe Diem UD SH WCX CGC HOF

11/06/1996 — 04/26/2010

Scott and Christina Borden
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Flatford Zeus the Major God
Dam: Blazin’s Alluvion Solitaire
Breeder: Dawn Buttion & Martin Archambeault
MACH Victory’s Follow the Leader CDX RE MXB MJS XF T2B JH WCX VFCR2 (HOF)

09/15/2007 — 07/07/2017

Neal & Helenmary Cody
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Spring Valley Moonstone
Dam: Wingmaster’s Gale Force at Victory
Breeder: Judy Gladson

What a girl! Piper has now qualified for the FCRSA Hall of Fame. We couldn’t be more proud of her!

Ch Shalyn’s Not Just a Pretty Face CDX RE JH OA OAJ NAP NJP WC CGC VFCR1

10/31/2003 — 09/11/2012

Sherri P Lilley- Peck
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Blazin’s Carpe Diem
Dam: TLC & Shalyn’s Rhythm of the Island

AKC Eukanuba National Dog Championship


Shayla, bred and owned by Sherri Lilley (Dino x. Reggae), picked up 4 points toward her Championship her first weekend in the ring at 6 months old, also winning a Bred By Exhibitor Group III that weekend! Shayla finished her Championship at 16 months, shown exclusively in the Bred By Exhibitor class. Shayla won a National Specialty JAM in Best of Breed at 17 months in Perry, GA, and earned her CD in 3 straight trials before her 2nd birthday.

At 2 years of age, Shayla won Best of Opposite Sex and Best Bred By Exhibitor of Breed at the AKC National Championship in Tampa, Florida in 2006.


FCRSA National Specialty Award of Merit

GCh Blazin’s Ice Mountain RN CGC

03/27/2006 — 11/12/2018

Dawn Buttion & Marty Archambeault
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Dexmoor Shoot the Moon
Dam: Blazin’s Enchanted Forest
Breeder: Dawn Buttion and Marty Archembeault
Ch Maple Manse’s Ruff and Trump CGC

07/14/2000 — 11/30/2007

Cheryl & Foster Beach
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Whisperwinds Beyond the Law
Dam: Prairielight Card up the Sleeve
Breeder: Jackie Capes

If love could have saved you,

You would have lived forever.


Our first flatcoat, our first Champion, magnificent beyond our wildest imaginations, driven retriever of tennis balls, swimmer extraordinaire,  lapdog to watch TV, bedtime companion.  He led us to conformation and field retrieving adventures with such joy and enthusiasm. Our special boy.

Loved with a Love beyond all feeling,

Missed with a Grief beyond all tears.

GCh Victory’s Jelly Side Up BN CD RA SH WCX

01/16/2012 — 10/01/2019

Judy Gladson
Color: Liver
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Starworkers Dream On
Dam: Victory Fair Winds N Following Seas
Breeder: Judy Gladson & Jim Beliveau
Am/Can Ch Char-will’s Midnight Walker CDX MX MXJ NAP NJP WC CGC Can CD HOF


Valerie D. Johns
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Bolingbroke’s Laser Beam
Dam: Phunny Pharm’s Alexis
Breeder: Charlotte Williams
Char-Wills Sweetwater Ciao Bella

06/02/2008 — 01/11/2020

Dana and Brendan Foley
Color: Liver
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Shasta’s Do Not Forsake Me
Dam: Rockapella Char-Will’s In Shambala
Breeder: Ida Rakowsky
Ch Hy-Tymes Victory Peter Pan CDX MH MX AXJ WCX** (HOF)

09/25/1993 — 03/01/2006

Mark and Judy Delventhal
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Twin Oaks Tsar Nicholas
Dam: Hy-Tymes Echo Sounder
Breeder: Lynn Sutton

What can I say about Flyer?
He was an incredible spirit and a talented dog with heart. He woke up every day knowing that it was going to be a better day than yesterday and that he would enjoy every minute.
I always said I should be more like him. He was an accomplished dog in all venues and loved to compete because we asked him to. He had a leg amputated at 8 for cancer and lived for another 4 years greeting each day with the same joy he did when he had 4 legs. Flyer was truly an inspiration to me and I was very lucky to enjoy his world with him.

Dare’s Amarden Twist and Shout

05/13/2008 — 04/18/2018

Anya Dorank
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Dare’s Quillquest Moonshadow
Dam: Merganser Wildfire Whiz-Bang
Breeder: Ken & Kim Yates