In Memoriam

Ch Hy-Tymes Virginia Reel CDX MH AX WCX** (HOF)

10/25/1991 — 06/16/2007

Judy Gladson
Color: Liver
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Spring Valley Moonstone
Dam: Hy-Tymes My Fair Lady Mayfield
Breeder: Lynn Sutton

This little brown dog was my soulmate and best friend. I am so very lucky to have had her as long as I did, but it sure doesn’t make the end any easier. I miss her constant smile and that bark where she just couldn’t keep her front feet on the ground.

Ginnie loved her birds more than anything and next to birds… me. She went everywhere with me that I could take her and if she knew I was packing a suitcase or the van, she would give up breakfast to lie down right next to the van door so I couldn’t miss her… if she only truly understood, I would not have left her side for a minute of our years together if I didn’t have to…..

We were quite the team and I miss her terribly. Ginnie and her relatives can be found on my website.

Ch Rowansgaard Diggory Venn CD NA NAJ MH TD VCD1 ATTS WCX**

11/19/2003 — 07/22/2015

Beth Garland
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Hallbent’s Most Happy Fella
Dam: Rowansguard Lady of Shalott

Diggor is my first Senior and Master Hunter.  He has incredible drive in the field that is balanced with a calm focus.  Of course, our best moments together are when he is asleep in my lap.

Ch Streett’s End Witchduck CD GN RE CGC

12/05/2002 — 08/02/2013

Deb Brady & Richard Streett
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
GCh Streett’s End Denali at Wheatmoor UD BN GN RA JH WC CGC

08/30/2006 — 06/27/2016

Kay Livermore & Deb Brady
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Victory’s Party Boat CGC

10/26/2016 — 08/19/2019

Judy Gladson
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Casblaidd Quaker
Dam: Victory’s Gone Sailing
Breeder: Judy Gladson and Tracey Fudge
BGCh Streett’s End Pride And Joy CGC

08/30/2006 — 08/03/2018

Richard Streett & Deb Brady
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Pendragon Kelson D Haldane CGC

04/23/1993 — 04/23/1998

Neal and Helenmary Cody
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Exotic Remington Steele
Dam: Exotic Glen of Faerie Magic
Breeder: Cyndy and Fred Gumbinner
Blazin’s Made To Love
Miss Yeller

02/22/2013 — 05/25/2013

Dawn M. Buttion, Martin J. Archambeault & Bryce Archambeault
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Dam: Blazin’s Krazy Glue
Breeder: Dawn M. Buttion, Martin J. Archambeault & Bryce Archambeault
Ch K’Mander Acute Addition


Kurt Anderson
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Petersfield Tobias James
Dam: Whisperwind Petersfield Tia
Ch Valhala God of Sun and Rain

06/30/2007 — 11/18/2015

Kurt Anderson
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: K’Mander Informant
Dam: Valhala Devil Made Me Do It