In Memoriam

SR Aheka Smoke In His Eyes CD JH NA WCX CGC

03/21/1996 — 01/18/2003

William & Monica Stephens
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Riverly Wood Smoke of Aheka
Dam: Curlee Hill Seanna of Aheka
Breeder: Mary Jo and William Meyers
Ch Blacktoft Tango JH WCX

05/12/2013 — 05/18/2017

Tracey Fudge and Judy Gladson
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Little Hen’s Stanley Cup

07/05/2002 — 08/06/2013

Betsy and Steve Surprenant
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: CH Ryvertown Johnny B Good CGC TDI
Dam: CH Darach Jet Black Good Little Hen
Breeder: Steven Hinson & Patricia Hinson
Ch Quillquest’s Leading Lady CD RE JH AX AXJ NF AXP NJP WCX CGC VFCR1

07/14/2003 — 02/09/2015

Penny Woodward
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Heronsflight Burnet
Dam: Quillquest Xuberance
Breeder: Gillian Impey

CH Heronsflight Burnet JH WC  x  CH Quillquest Xuberance CD JH WCX

Ch K’Mander Has to Be Fowlplay

06/17/2002 — 03/27/2013

Kurt Anderson
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Rainbow’s Autumn Classic
Dam: Fowlplay Wing K’Mander
Breeder: Kurt Anderson
Ch Blazin’s History Repeats

05/23/2004 — 02/27/2011

Dawn Buttion & Marty Archambeault
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Salasana Double Arrow
Dam: Blazin’s Eternal Flame
Breeder: Dawn Buttion and Marty Archambeault
Ch K’Mander Acute Addition


Kurt Anderson
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Sire: Petersfield Tobias James
Dam: Whisperwind Petersfield Tia
CH Evening Star’s Air Apparent

04/02/2004 — 05/24/2013

Christopher, John & Kathleen McCoy
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Wyncrest’s Goodwill Hunting
Dam: Blazin’s Evening Star
Ch Lyric Athelas Sing the Blues CD NA JH WC CGC TDI


Marla Stoner
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Tealsnest Topsail Trover
Dam: Bolingbroke’s Reggae Rocker
Victory’s Got Game UDX OM1 RA JH AX MXJ NF WC

02/25/2009 — 06/20/2017

Diane Orth
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Swallowsflight Raven Lion Lad NVK
Dam: Victory’s Clear Sailing
Breeder: Judy Gladson