Flat-Coats at Heart

Gr8lnd Peace Love & Happiness


Gregory Gardner
Color: Black
Sex: Bitch
Boss’ Christmas Presence WC FDCh-Gold

07/10/2005 — 02/16/2015

Janet Boss

Rudy came to us as a foster when he was 5.5 months old. I didn’t want this thrice rejected wild thing in my house at Christmastime, but such is rescue.  We all fell in love with him, especially his buddy Franklin and he just had to stay.  While he is more of a snuggler than a worker, he is a very birdy boy and loves doing field stuff. 

Rudy is finally becoming a flyball dog, earning his FDCh on 10/10/09 and coming very close to his FDCh-Silver, which will only take one more good heat!   Not the speedster his sister Marcie is, but he knows his job!

Lycinan’s Indian Paintbrush WC CGC

02/06/1991 — 07/11/2001

Mark & Linda Reynolds

If anyone ever fit the part of the comfortable English gentleman sporting a pipe and smoking jacket, it was Cody. Cody always lived life with a wink and a nod, yet with never a moment’s concession to another’s way. He loved to retrieve, but only at his discretion. He was modestly adventurous, inconspicuously confident, and always his own man. And he never let having a good time stand in the way of a serious nap. He insisted on enjoying life on his own terms, and he usually did. He loved you from a distance, but you knew that he did. And when he really needed you, he let you know. He knew he was deeply loved. Cody left us suddenly and unexpectedly on July 11. He was 10 1/2 years old. Thank you, Cody, for your gentle humor, and the many good and happy years together. We miss your serene presence terribly.

Blue Bayou You’re My Sunny Day


Eileen S Thomas and Jake Thomas
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: Gingko De Gaia Montgomery
Dam: Wookie Blues la Nina
Breeder: Paula and Willem Coats
Branchwood Deep Run Sam’s Greatest Fan JH, CGC, TKN, WCX


Marcie Baer
Color: Black
Sex: Dog
Sire: GCH CH Poplar Forest Sam’s Greatest Fan, MH, UD, MHU, RE
Dam: Branchwood Sundaze Surfer Girl, MH, CD, CGC, TKN, WCX
Breeder: Marcie Baer
Adirondac’s Six Million Acres SH WCX


Bob and Jill Kurtz
Sex: Dog

— 05/15/2020

April Senseney

My first love when it came to dogs was Shetland Sheepdogs. Although I’m very active with Flat-Coats now, I still have shelties and Storm joined our family back in 2006. I think he thinks he is a herding, retrieving FC-Sheltie cross breed. He likes to run in the field with the big dogs and even though he is a small guy, he has the heart of a lion.

Weebe Uncorkin’ the Meritage JH WCX


Bob and Jill Kurtz
Sex: Bitch
Lycinan Laird of the Wing CDX BN GN RE CGC


Penny Geddes
Sex: Dog
Sire: Beau Geste Being Ramiroz
Dam: Lycinan’s Bling
Breeder: Cynthia Williamson

Ruth Marsh