2016 WC/WCX Tests

November 6, 2016
Twin Ponds, Monrovia, MD

WC Qualifiers
CH Rainbow Fantasia's Fairietail JH OA AXJ Tasia Lauren Weidner
GCH Clearwater's Mist on the Meadow RN CGC Haylea Jennifer Martin
Adirondac Steal My Show Toby Rick Brunn
Victory's Ocean Explorer Dora Judy Gladson
Rebel Rose of Rockingham Rose Claudia Muterspaugh
Four Lakes Lil Something Special Sammy Rita Bumgardner
Kaotic's Jedi Jeti Awakens CDC JH Jett Chuck Dykes
Flatgold's Divertimento in D JH Trudi Janet Ciarico
CH Star Crowned Superhero Flash Cindy Williamson
Golly G She's A Tomboy UDT NR Tommie Marie Huffman
Happydaugh Living in the Here N Now JH CCA Gator Laurie Collins
SHR GCH Butterblac Captivating Riddler JH DN Tia Jennifer Martin/Bridget Bodine
Victory's M Emma Steve Surprenant
Darkwater's Aquarious Eclipse Darcy Claudia Muterspaugh
Shasta's Roadrunner CD JH AX MXJ Tex Karen Wiley

WCX Qualifiers
GCH Victory's Just What the Doctor Ordered Doc John Price
Weebe UnCorkin' the Meritage Merry Bob Kurtz
Topbrass Osprey Vega JH DS WC Sprey d'Alex Childers
CH Victory The Hills Are Alive SH WCX Julie John Bulger/Judy Gladson
Adirondac's Six Million Acres Parker Bob Kurtz
CH Blazin's Life is Good CD JH AX MXJ OF Benny Scott Borden
Bayside Belle of the 'Burg Belle Claudia Muterspaugh
GCH Victory's Jelly Side Up BN RA SH WC Jelly Judy Gladson
CH Victory It's Outta Here BN JH WCX Brady Sandy Bulger
Thornhill Risky Bisness CD JH SHU NA WC Risky Dale Soper
Redwing's Gossip in the Grain JH WC Montee Brian Foltz
Flatgold's Divertimento in D JH Trudi Janet Ciarico
GCH Wingmaster Order of the Court BN CD JH MX MXJ MXF WC Alabi Linda Arble

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