2011 WC/WCX Tests

September 10, 2011
Cheltenham, MD

Held jointly with the PVGRC

Congratulations to all the qualifiers at our early fall working tests, a first "official" joint test sponsored by the Capital Region Flat-Coated Retriever Club and the Potomac Valley Golden Retriever Club!! As the rains finally cleared and the sun broke through, our day followed suit, going off without a hitch. We had a wonderful turnout, 43 entries in all, including 9 WCX dogs, 26 WC dogs, and 8 puppies! HUGE thanks to our our judges Rodger and Sue Armstrong for their time and effort in putting on excellent tests, and our puppy judges Chris LeBel and Lindsay Ridgeway!

Baby Puppy Stakes

Topbrass Daring Doolittle, Bodi, Moongate's There Can Be Only One, Top

1st Bodi (Lab) (Lorraine McPartland)
2nd Topbrass Osprey Vega (GR) (D. Alexandra Childers)
3rd Moongate's There Can Be Only One (GR) (Diane & Ed Coyle)
4th Topbrass Daring Doolittle (GR) (Paige K. Jones)

Senior Puppy Stakes

Placements listed in reverse photo order (from right to left). - Photo by Bob Kurtz
1st Allegro Rock Me on the Water (FCR) (Mark & Linda Reynolds)
2nd Miss Mallorys Favourite Disguise (FCR) (Tracey Fudge and Judy Gladson)
3rd Victory the Hills Are Alive (FCR) (John and Sandy Bulger)

Working Certificate Excellent

Qualifiers listed in photo order (from left to right). - Photo by Bob Kurtz
Qualified Ch Shasta Whisky River SH WCX (FCR) (Mark & Linda Reynolds)
Qualified High Peak's Rising To The Top CDX RN JH MX MXJ WC NF CCA VCX (GR) (Sally Henry)
Qualified Happydaugh's A Day in May UD WC (GR) (Leslie Darragh)
Qualified Gaylan's Fire When Ready VCD2 RN JH AX AXJ XF (GR) (Pat Kavanagh)
Qualified Happydaugh's A Cut Above (GR) (Ann Strathern)

Working Certificate

Qualifiers listed in photo order (from left to right). - Photo by Bob Kurtz

Qualified Thornhill Risky Bisness (FCR) (Dale Soper)
Qualified Moongate's Me and My Shadow (GR) (Diane Coyle)
Qualified Ch Swallowsflight Freya-Gaia (FCR) (Judy Gladson)
Qualified Fireside's Weebe Gunnin For You (GR) (Skip Manley)
Qualified Topbrass Daring Amelia (GR) (Paige K. Jones)
Qualified Wildwood's Long Night Moon CD OA AXJ (FCR) (Anne Fisher)
Qualified Calumet Grove's GEB Janet WC (Lab) (Robert Kurtz)
Qualified Tri-J's Intrepid Jack Frost VCD1 CDX RE (GR) (Debra Barrows)
Qualified Sun Bay's Intrepid Hunter CD RE (GR) (Debra Barrows)
Qualified Happydaugh's Quantum Singularity (GR) (Ann Strathern)
Qualified Raisin' Hail's Bohemia Waters CD RN (Lab) (Linda C Surmacz)

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