2008 Flat-Coat Family Reunion

September 20, 2008
Downs Park, Pasadena, MD

CONGRATULATIONS to the following dogs and their owners:

Save the Baby!

Dogs had to rescue the baby from the water. 31 dogs started, 28 dogs Saved the Baby!! Great odds for the amount of wave action that we had.
More stats: 3 dogs mauled the baby (now missing an eye and several toes). One dog stole the baby (& ran off); one dog tried to bury the baby; and one dog tried to trade the baby for food that a real little human was eating!

The following dogs recieved awards for "Saving the baby":

  • Piper, Faith, Zoomie, Chilly, & Eagle (Human rescuers, Dawn Buttion & Colin)
  • Selkie, Lin, Skiff, & Jurel (Human rescuer, Cliff Williams)
  • Marcie, Lucy & Rudy (Human rescuer, Janet Boss)
  • Brook & Sunny (Human rescuer, Sandy Bulger)
  • Jetta & Sophie (Human rescuer, Judy Terchek)
  • Bekkr & River (Human rescuer, Linda Reynolds)
  • Raggs & Sparks (Human rescuer, Janice Anthes)
  • Tiko (Human rescuer, Caitlin Faunce)
  • Harley (Human rescuer, Sandy Howley)
  • Duffy (Human rescuer, William Gangloff)
  • Arthur (Human rescuer, Shari Faina)
  • Java (Human rescuer, Chris Lebel)
  • Ike (Human rescuer, Deb Brady)
  • Valley (Human rescuer, Penny Woodward)
  • Brewster (Human rescuer, Joel Duncan)

Special notes: Oldest dog in game, Lucy (~12 yo); Oldest Flat-coats in game, Valley & Lin (10.5 yo)
Youngest Flat-coats in game, Zoomie & Jurel (5 months old); Rescue dog with no water experience, Duffy.

Take it/Leave it

Owners had to predict if their dog would take or leave 5 items: tofu, jerky, shoe, apple, & toy.
25 dog (handler) teams attempted the game.
Five teams got perfect scores (5) in the first round and made it to the run-off:
Mesa (Diane Orth)
Chilly (Dawn Buttion)
Chase & Brook (Sandy Bulger)
Hannah (Cheryl Beach)
After *three* run-off rounds, Chase emerged triumphant!

Tennis Ball Fetch

Without using fetch commands, owners had to get dogs to continually take balls from a pile and deliver them to the handler.
Up to 20 balls could be collected; time limit was 2 minutes.
25 dog (handler) teams attempted the game.
The *resounding* winner was Solo (collecting 18 balls!!), handled by Judy Gladson.
River, handled by Linda Reynolds, was the runner up with a very respectable 16 balls collected!

Canine Good Citizen Test

Nine dogs and handlers signed up for the CGC. All passed.
Congratulations to:

  • Skiff & Jurel (handled by Cliff Williams)
  • Faith & Chilly (handled by Dawn Buttion)
  • Piper (handled by Helenmary Cody)
  • Arthur (handled by Shari Faina)
  • Sophie (handled by Judy Terchek)
  • Che (handled by Holly Stein)
  • Duffy (handled by William Gangloff)
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