2007 Fall Supported Entry

November 23 - 25, 2007
Howard County Fairgrounds

Northeastern Maryland KC, Friday November 23trd

Donald Booxbaum - 7-7(6-2)

Winners Dog: Blazins Isaac The Lucky Knight (Knight)
Reserve Winners: Spectra's Incendiary Device RA (Cooper/Holsinger)

Winners Bitch: Destiny Athercroft Watch This (Marsh/Turkelson/ Fippin)
Reserve Winners: Char Will's Kohl Ina-K (Williams/Rakowsky/Killian)

Best Of Breed & G3: Ch Petersfield Famous Amos (Stilwell/ DeBree)
Best Of Winners: Blazins Isaac The Lucky Knight
Best Of Opposite: Ch Destiny Xanadu (Stepp)

CRFCRC Fall 2006 Supported
Chesapeake KC, Saturday November 24th

Sweepstakes Results - Judge, Maureen Kolasa

Puppy Sweepstakes (5-8):
Best Puppy in Sweepstakes: Banquo's Goldfinger (McElrath/Leigh)
Best Opposite Puppy in Sweepstakes: Explicit Secret Dreams (Ciarico)

Veteran Sweepstakes (7-7):
Best in Veteran Sweeps: Ch Blazin's Cosmic Thing NA NAJ NAP NJP (Buttion/ Archambeault)
BOS in Veteran Sweeps: Ch Blazin's Carpe Diem UD SH (Borden)

Regular Class Results - Judge, Sue Goldberg - 15-16(8-6)12

Winners Dog: Starworker's Dream On (Runyan)
Reserve Winners:Spectra's Incendiary Device RA (Cooper/Holsinger)

Winners Bitch: Victory Deep Blue Sea (Gladson)
Reserve Winners: Char Will's Kohl Ina-K (Williams/Rakowsky/Killian)

Veteran Dogs: Ch Athercroft Did It Mai Way (Marsh)

Veteran Bitches:
Ch TLC Shalyn's Rhythm O' The Island CDX JH AX OAJ RN NAP (Lilley)

Field Trial Dogs:
Ch Rowansgaard Diggory Venn CD SH NA NAJ (Garland)

Field Trial Bitches:
Ch Rowansgaard Eustacia Vye SH AX OAJ (Soper)

Working Dogs:
Ch Huntlane Chasin' Daises JH (Bulger)

Working Bitches:
Ch Shalyn's Not Jst A Pretty Face CD JH NA NAJ RN (Lilley)

Best Of Breed & G4: Ch Butterblac Payback (Stevenson/ Flanagan/Windsor)
Best Of Winners: Victory Deep Blue Sea
Best Of Opposite: Ch Blazin's Gardez La Foi RN NAP NJP (Buttion/ Archambeault)
High Flat-Coat in Trial: Ch Salasana Double Arrow RA OA OAJ (Buttion/ Archambeault/Bialozor)

Brood Bitch:
Ch Blazin's Enchanted Forest CD RA AX AXJ NAP NJP (Buttion/Archambeault/Bialozor)

Upper Marlboro KC, Sunday November 25th

Judge: Pat Hess

Winners Dog: Victory's Echoes Of Zu (Hutchinson)
Winners Bitch: Quillquest Qute Quintessance (Impey)
Best Of Breed: Ch Shadowacre's Cor Caroli (Lynch/Boyd)
Best Of Winners: Quillquest Qute Quintessance
Best Of Opposite: Ch Rowansgaard Eustacia Vye SH AX OAJ (Soper)

National Capital KC, Monday November 26th

Judge: Michael Faulkner - 5-5(3-3)

Winners Dog: Brookestones Attempted Getaway (Seeley/Kanipe/Holsinger)
Reserve Winners: Bertschire Independence (Teneralli/Holsinger)

Winners Bitch: Neverland's Bonnie Lass (Alea)
Reserve Winners: Blazin's Ice Mountain (Buttion/Archambeault)

Best Of Breed: Ch Flat-Castle's Happy Hour (Runyan/Winter)
Best Of Winners: Brookestones Attempted Getaway
Best Of Opposite: Ch Blazin's Gardez La Foi RN NAP NJP (Buttion/ Archambeault)

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