2004 Super Singles Fun Day

September 11, 2004
Cheltenham, MD


Puppy 3-6 mo
2nd Ida George Fiebelkorn
3rd Swallowsflight Quite A Catch Cathie Newitt
JAM Blazin's History Repeats Dawn Buttion
JAM Huntlane Chasin' Daisies Sandy Bulger
1st Blazin's Hot Wheels Scott Borden
JAM Blazin's Gardez La Foi Dawn Buttion
4th Streett's End Nothin But Deb Brady
Puppy 6-9 mo
JAM Riverwind Never Say Never Cheryl Beach
JAM Riverwind Bubba Gump Buzz Beach
Puppy 9-12 mo
2nd Rowansgaard Eustacia Vye Dale Soper
ABS Brookestone's Alpha Helix Chris McCoy
1st Rowansgaard Diggory Venn Beth Garland
1st   (18.56) Fireside Snap N Crackle JH WC Maggie Hayes
2nd  (19.00) Victory's Clear Sailing SH WCX Judy Gladson
3rd   (19.50) Bear Country April Breeze JH NA WCX April Senseney
4th   (19.53) Ch Hallbent Most Happy Fella JH WC Kathi Leonhardt
  Ch Bertschire's Perk You Up Java Chris Lebel
  Allegro's Free Valley Sunrise CD JH WC Penny Woodward
  Bertschire's Best In Moe Bernie Strozeski
2nd Victory's Awesome Amos CD Judy Gladson
  Maple Manse Stayman Rules Janet Boss
callback Flatcastles Serendipity JH WC Cathie Newitt
  Quillquest's Leading Lady Penny Woodward
callback Wynflat's Range Rover JH OA OAJ Brooke Ellsworth
callback OTCH Morningstar's Highland Games UDX Leslie Stanley
ABS Salasana Silver Arrow Judy Terchek
3rd Ch Bertschire's Flash Point WC Jeanne Lin
callback Ch Salasana Double Arrow Dawn Buttion
  Riversong's Dream Catcher Janet Ciarico
1st Fireside Snap N Crackle JH WC Maggie Hayes
  Darktarn Grand Illusion JH WC Penny Geddes
  Lucy Janet Boss
4th Remy Brooke Ellsworth
  Paul's Shadow Of Indian River CD Sharon Albright
callback Jager Bob
callback Molly Sue Bennett
  Streettsend Just Add Water Laurie Stewart
callback Rowansgaard During Wind N Rain Kathi Leonhardt
  Abby Steve Suprenant
callback Ch Skylark Gunpowder O'Hy-Tymes CD JH WC Bob
  Ch Bertschire's Avalanche CD SH NA WCX John Bulger
JAM Muchado Formula For Victory CD JH WCX Laurie Collins
JAM Ch Wingmaster Gale Force at Victory CD JH WCX Judy Gladson
callback Banquo's Strikes Our Fancy CD JH WCX Sandy Howley
callback Ch Skywalker Galaxy Quest CD SH WCX Joan Benson
callback Ch Blazin's Carpe Diem UD SH WCX Scott Borden
  Ch Hallbent Most Happy Fella JH WC Kathi Leonhardt
JAM Ch Rainbow Autumn's First Frost CDX SH WCX Janet Ciarico
  Itz'za Sweet Expectation CDX JH WC Penny Geddes
2nd Ida's Red Light Of My Life TD SH WCX George Fiebelkorn
JAM Sandhau's Suspend The Rules CD JH WC Martha Glenn
JAM Bear Country April Breeze JH NA WCX April Senseney
JAM Ch Darktarn Bittersweet Glory CDX SH WCX Dale Soper
3rd Ch Whitland's Hy Frequency JH WC Laurie Stewart
JAM Victory's Clear Sailing SH WCX Judy Gladson
1st Ransom's Camden Sunshine JH WC John Bulger
callback Gaylan's West Point Whistler CD JH WC Sharon Albright
4th Murray Farms Victory At Sea TD SH WCX Judy Gladson
JAM Bubba Dan Lewis
callback Locy Carol Lewis
    Carol Lewis
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