2003 Fun Match

March 29, 2003
The Stewarts'

The weather was unpredictable for the CRFCRC’s 11th annual Fun Match, held at the home of Laurie Stewart in Damascus, Maryland but a very good time was had by all in spite of it!!

Thanks to all the volunteers from the club who made this event so special. Congratulations to all the winners!!

Very special thanks go to:

Cheryl Beach, Match Chair
Cheryl Beach, Match Secretary
Cheryl Beach & Dawn Buttion, Trophy Co-Chairs
Sandy Bulger, Hospitality
Laurie Stewart, Judges' Gifts
Richard Streett, Ring Setup & Crew
Our wonderful Judges Bob Crowley and Jodi Culver!
Last but not least, the Stewarts, for graciously allowing us to use their place again.

The results were as follows:

Obedience Results, Judge Bob Crowley

Highest Scoring Flat-Coat In Regular Class:
Ch Darktarn Bittersweet Glory CD JH WCX (Soper)

Highest Scoring Flat-Coat In Non-Regular Class:
Aspengrove ADK Mr. Personality CDX JH OA OAJ Am/Can WC CGC (Ciarico)

Conformation Results, Judge Jodi Culver

Best Puppy Streettsend Witchhunt (Brady/Streett)

Best Opposite Puppy Blazin's Fallingwater (Buttion/Archambeault)

Best Adult SR Bertschire's Avalanche JH WCX CGC (Bulger)

Best Pet Banquo's Strikes Our Fancy JH WC CGC (Howley)

Best Opposite Pet SR Darktarn Grand Illusion JH WC (Geddes)

Best Veteran Ch SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA NAP WCX CGC Can CD WC (Buttion/Archambeault)

Best Opposite Veteran WR Light-Foot’s Eclipse CD SH FCX WCX CGC (Bulger)

Best Special Ch Blazin’s Carpe Diem CDX SH WCX HOF (Borden)

Best Opposite Special Ch Blazin’s Enchanted Forest NAJ CGC (Buttion/Archambeault)

Best Brace

Ch Blazin’s Carpe Diem CDX SH WCX HOF (Borden)
Ch Blazin's Doppelbock CDX JH OA NAJ WCX (Borden)

Best Junior

Ch Blazin’s Enchanted Forest NAJ CGC (Buttion/Archambeault)
Handler: Bryce Cameron Archambeault


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