2001 Spring Fun Match

March 31, 2001
The Stewarts'

The raw early spring conditions didn't daunt the hearty group that showed at our 9th Fun Match this past Saturday. Thanks to all the tireless volunteers from the club who made this event so special. And thanks to all those who entered to support the club. We had wonderful trophies, catalogs, food, a grooming demonstration, and (of course) comradery!
Every year one particular thing makes the event special for me. This year it was the shot guns going off on the adjacent farm during the breed competition. A wise man once said that shotguns should be used to make the first cut in the sporting group (and the judges should pick from whatever isn't spooked from the ring). We were all proud that the shot guns made our dogs show even better!
Very special thanks go to:

Dawn Buttion & Laurie Stewart, Match Co-Chairs
Mark Reynolds, Match Secretary
Dawn Buttion & Jane Boraczek, Trophy Co-Chairs
Sandy Bulger, Hospitality
Richard for his expert stewarding throughout the event and once again providing and setting up our rings. He even found us dry ground to hold the conformation portion of the match!!
Our wonderful Judges Spencer Harrill and Jerry Clark!

Last but not least, the Stewarts, for graciously allowing us to use their place again.

The results were as follows:
Regular Class Obedience Results, Judge Spencer Harrill

No Qualifiers


No Qualifiers

Non-Regular Class Obedience Results, Judge Spencer Harrill

1. Maple Manse Stayman Rules (Boss)

2. Bertschire's Avalanche WC CGC (Bulger/Slavin)

3. Banquo's Strikes Our Fancy (Howley)

4. Darktarn J Molly Dintaman (Dintaman)

Grad Novice

1. Windfall's Gore-Tex en Vogue CD JH NA NAJ WC (Nicholson)

Veteran Novice

1. Ch SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA WCX CGC Can CD WC(Buttion/Archambeault) Qualified 193.0

2. Ch Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire CD CGC (Buttion/Archambeault)

Highest Scoring Flat-Coat In Non-Regular Classes Veteran Novice-Score 193

Ch SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA WCX CGC Can CD WC

Conformation Results, Judge Jerry Clark
3-6 Puppy Dog

1. Westering Whistle Jacket (Koshar)

6-9 Puppy Dog

1. Maple Manse's Ruff & Trump (Beach)

9-12 Puppy Dog

1. Blazin Evans Family (Evans)

3-6 Puppy Bitches

1. Wingmaster Gale Force At Victory (Delventhal)

9-12 Puppy Bitches

1. Blazin's Enchanted Forest (Buttion/Archambeault)

2. Darktarn Venture To Homeport (Ruth)

3. Blazin Everlasting Escapade (Hedrick)

4. Blazin's Eternal Flame (Buttion/Archambeault)

Best Puppy Blazin's Enchanted Forest
Best Opposite Puppy Maple Manse's Ruff & Trump
Open Dog

1. Hallbent Most Happy Fella (Leonhardt)

2. Whitland Hy Frequency JH WC (Stewart)

12-18 Month Bitches

1. Tidalflats' Selkie CGC (Boraczek/Williams)

Open Bitch

1. Bertschire's Avalanche WC CGC (Bulger/Slavin)

2. Flatford's Fair Lady (Ropka)

3. Bertschire's Flash Point (Lin/Slavin)

Best Adult Bertschire's Avalanche WC CGC
Best Opposite Adult Hallbent Most Happy Fella
Best Pet Windfall's Gore-Tex en Vogue CD JH NA NAJ WC (Nicholson)
Best Opposite Pet Darktarn Grand Illusion WC CGC (Geddes)
Best Veteran Ch SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA WCX CGC Can CD WC (Buttion/Archambeault)
Best Opposite Veteran Ch Hy-Tymes Wile E. Coyote WC CGC (Stewart)
Best Special Ch SR Hillbrook Dory of Tidalflats CD JH WC TDI (Boraczek/Williams)
Best Opposite Special Ch Allegro's Free Man in Paris JH WC CGC (Reynolds)
Best Brace

Ch Blazin's Carpe Diem CD JH WCX CGC (Borden)

Ch Blazin's Doppelbock WC CGC (Borden)

Best Junior

Ch SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA WCX CGC Can CD WC(Buttion/Archambeault)

Darrell Morgan

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