1999 Fun Match

April 3, 1999
The Stewarts'

We had perfect weather and a great turn out for the 6th Annual CRFCRC Fun Match on Saturday, April 3rd!!
There were 35 Flat-Coats and their people in attendance!! Among the surprises were a terrific agility demonstration
and a Flat Coated Cake!   (Is that dark chocolate or milk chocolate?.....)
Very special thanks go to:

Dawn Buttion, Match Chair
The Stewarts, who graciously allowing us to use their place again
Helenmary CodyJudy and Mark Delventhal and Linda Arble for a great agility demonstration
Scott and Tina Borden, Trophy and Hospitality Chairs
Richard and Deb for their expert stewarding throughout the event
Our wonderful Judges Bob Crowley and D. Lynn Baker
 for her hard work on the catalog and armbands
and to everyone else who helped make the event a success.

The results were as follows:
Obedience Results, Judge Bob Crowley

1. Ch Blazin's Carpe Diem JH WC CGC (Borden) Qualified 190.5

2. Windfall's Gore-Tex en Vogue (Nicholson)

3.Tarquin’s Hurricane CGC (Horasek/Wimmers)

4. Wingmaster Fantastic Juniper (Hammarskjold/Rekosh)


1. Quillquest Xenia Twister CD NA CGC (Gorman/Campbell) Qualified 196.5+

2. Aspengrove Adk Mr. Prsonality CD WC CGC (Ciarico) Qualified 196.5

3. Ch Hy-Tymes Victory Peter Pan CD MH AX WCX HOF (Delventhal)

4. Light-Foot's Eclipse CD FD JH WC CGC (Bulger)

Highest Scoring Flat-Coat In Regular Classes Open-Score 196.5+

Quillquest's Xenia Twister CD (Gorman/Campbell)


1. Rainbow Autumn's First Frost CGC (Ciarico) Qualified 148.5

2. Blazin Dunlin Of Tidalflats (Boraczek/Williams)

3. Blazin's Dopplebock (Borden)

4. Darktarn Velveteen Lily (Hupp)

Grad Novice

1. Light-Foot's Eclipse CD FD JH WC CGC (Bulger)

2. Ch Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire CD CGC (Buttion/Archambeault)

3. Aheka Smoke In His Eyes CD JH WC (Stephens)

Veteran Novice

1. Ch SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA WC CGC (Buttion/Archambeault)

Qualified 196.0

2. Ch Lyric Athelas Sing The Blues CD JH NA WC CGC (Stoner)

Highest Scoring Flat-Coat In Non-Regular Classes Veteran Novice-Score 196

Ch SR Lyric Queen Of The Mountain CDX JH NA WC CGC

Conformation Results, Judge D. Lynn Baker
9-12 Puppy Dog

1. Blazin's Dopplebock (Borden)

6-9 Puppy Bitches

1. Riverly Artistry In Motion (Arble)

9-12 Puppy Bitches

1. Blazin Dunlin Of Tidalflats (Boraczek/Williams)

Best Puppy Blazin Dunlin Of Tidalflats (Boraczek/Williams)
Best Opposite Puppy  Blazin's Dopplebock (Borden)
12-18 Month Dog

1. Allegro's Free Man In Paris (Reynolds)

2. HiHill King Gustaf (Rosenthal)

Open Dog

1. Blazin's Cash Advance (Helfrich/Buttion/Archambeault)

2. Whitland Hy Frequency (Stewart)

3. Lyric's Midnight Rambler (Reeves)

4. K'Mander Dancin' Boogaloo CGC (Stein)

12-18 Month Bitches

1. Allegro's Free Valley Sunrise (Woodward)

Open Bitch

1. Rainbow Autumn's First Frost CGC (Ciarico)

2. Victory's Beck And Call (Cody/Delventhal)

3. Wingmaster Fantastic Juniper (Hammarskjold/Rekosh)

Best Adult Rainbow Autumn's First Frost CGC (Ciarico)
Best Opposite Adult  Blazin's Cash Advance (Helfrich/Buttion/Archambeault)
Best Pet Windfall's Gore-Tex en Vogue (Nicholson)
Best Opposite Pet  Light-Foot's Eclipse CD JH FDX WC CGC (Bulger)
Best Veteran Ch Hy Tymes Even Keel UD TD SH AX WCX HOF (Delventhal)
Best Opposite Veteran Ch Lyric Athelas Sing the Blues CD NA JH WC CGC TDI (Stoner)
Best Special Ch Hillbrook Dory Of Tidalflats CD WC CGC (Boraczek/Williams)
Best Opposite Special Ch Blazin's Carpe Diem JH WC CGC (Borden)
Best Brace 

Ch Hy Tymes Even Keel UD TD SH AX WCX HOF (Delventhal)
Ch Victory's Attention On Deck JH WC (Delventhal)

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